Eat and you will succeed
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Eat and you will succeed

Alicia is not a big fan of the exam period. Her secret? Get enough energy to survive.

What is considered to be the biggest enemy of every student? The answer is of course: EXAMS.
As a second year student, I must say that HAN University is a very tough school. It is quite challenging to survive and continue studying here. During my first year, I remembered I had nine exams in 2 weeks. Thinking about that time, I feel like crying because it was so stressful. I mean exams are something inevitable during your study. However, too many works and exams at the same time will literally turn a normal person to an exhausted one.

While studying at HAN, besides the exam weeks, together with my team mates we had to do a lot of assignments, which will also be graded. What I dislike about studying is that in order to graduate, a person needs to obtain enough credits. To get these credits, a person must pass all exams in each module containing 2.5 ECTs to even 15ECTs. If you fail one exam in each module, the credits will be taken away and the chance to graduate will indeed decrease.

One time I cried so hard because all my deadlines occurred in the same week. I basically had no time to rest. The same situation happened to my housemate as well, as she has so many exams, 10 to 14 in two weeks.

But, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although exams are awful, the feeling you get after finishing and passing all of them is truly amazing. You will feel really proud of yourself. And… you are another step closer to your diploma. My personal tip for dealing with exams:  I eat quite a lot during my exam weeks. I believe having energy is necessary at during this period. I need food to feel more energetic. Some people tend to skip meals when preparing for an exam. I think that is very unhealthy and not helpful at all. To survive during the exams, your health is incredibly important.

Alicia Nguyen is a second year Communication Student at Arnhem Business School.