Forget yoga, try hand lettering
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Forget yoga, try hand lettering

When Alicia joined a course in hand lettering, she felt the stress of school flowing away

I have never participated in any of the events from HANBruist, although they organise a lot of activities for HAN students. Last Thursday, 16 March 2017, I saw a session about Hand Lettering- how to write and draw letters in a fancy way. To be honest, it seemed very fun to attend. Therefore, I decided to spend an hour there despite the fact that I am not good at drawing.

At the beginning of the session what struck me was the friendliness from all the staff members. They addressed us to our seats, brought tea and cake to each table so attendees could enjoy them while practising drawing. After that, they gave me some examples of beautiful hand-drawings. I was so excited as I would finally learn how to do it. This event was made for both male and female attendees, but I saw only two guys participating.

From the beginning of the session, the presenter mostly spoke Dutch while I was sitting with all international student who could not understand Dutch that well. We were all confused as it was mentioned in the advertisement that this event was bilingual. Luckily another staff member came to us and translated everything in English.

The assignment we had to make was to write down all alphabetical letters in a creative way. I was struggling because I wanted to draw them prettily, but the outcome was far from perfect actually. Then, I had a look at the example paper that was given before, and just simply tried copying most of the letters. They turned out quite nice and I must say I was really proud of myself.

I did not have time to complete the session. I had to leave early due to my strict schedule, which was a shame.

If I have to describe my feeling toward the event, there was an atmosphere quite similar to a meditation class in where you suddenly forgot all your stress from school, just literally thought about nothing and focused on drawing. I really like the idea of the session and hope to join more up-coming ones in the near future.


Alicia Nguyen is a Communication Student at Arnhem Business School.