Game on!
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Game on!

A miracle happened, according to Alicia: in Utrecht they opened a gaming arcade. And Alicia likes playing games…

In several Asian countries, it is quite common to go to an arcade game centre with friends and family. Honestly, I am a big fan of arcade games. I used to play a lot when I was in Vietnam. I always wonder if they have the same games in the Netherlands. Then suddenly, a miracle happened. I accidentally found they opened a new arcade game centre in Utrecht, called Gamestate, which is close to the station.

I immediately went to Gamestate hoping they would have my favourite games. My first impression was the size of the centre; It was very big and colourful. Next to that, instead of using coins (as what I had to do while playing in Vietnam), they gave me a card instead. If you pay 20 euros, you will have the first three games for free and then the card will decrease by the amount of money from each game you play. The price ranged from 64 cents to 199 cents.

I am very interested in the Dancing Game: you need to imitate the person from the screen. Unfortunately, there were no games that I know at Gamestate, so I was a bit disappointed.

Looking at the bright side, they have a small 4D cinema for two people, Shooting basketball hoops, Spin-n-win, Ice-ball, Mario kart (car-racing), Speed of light (touching several lights as fast as you can), Air-hockey (perfect for two people), etc. Many cool games with familiar characters such as Minion, Mario or even Pacman can also be seen there. Personally, I found my new talent on the Ice-ball game, in which you have to throw 9 balls through a slide to reach several holes above. Although I could not beat the 50000 points, I still got 22000 – one of the highest score from that day (I assume). I even tried playing basketball but ended up with only 20 points out of 90.

I highly recommend Gamestate for those who love arcade games or don’t know what to do when they are free. This is literally a way to relieve stress and connect with other people.

Alicia Nguyen is a Communication Student at Arnhem Business School.