Get your game face on!
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Get your game face on!

It was Game Week for Alicia. No no, no sports, but communication. That’s tough as well!

OMG! I am finally done with this Game Week: 3 days in a row, waking up early and staying at school from 9am to 5pm: together with my teammates I finished 6 assignments in total. I must say it was tough, it was challenging, but… it was the most unforgettable moment during my 2nd year studying at Arnhem Business School.


Game Week, or in other words, the Integrated Communication Game, is one of the five modules that I have in my 2nd year of Communication. As I already mentioned, it lasted for 3 days and each group had to finish all the selected tasks in a specific amount of time. The assignments were diverse, and all related to Nissan Motors Part Centre (NMPC), a subsidiary of Nissan that distributes car parts and maintenance purposes.

Our class met the representatives from Nissan and NMPC two weeks ago, and by having all the crucial information, the 1st assignment we needed to deal with was to make a Gap analysis, in order to have more insights about the company’s goals and their current problems. Following up, a mood board, an internal communication plan, a recruitment plan, a PR plan and an integrated communication plan were what we needed to do during 3 days of game week. Personally, I liked the mood board assignment the most, as we could use our imagination and creativity. Most importantly, it was fun and more relaxed than the other assignments. My group received many compliments for our mood board about NMPC, because it could easily catch the people’s attention with the use of various pictures and a spinning circle, and of course, convey a clear message to the viewers.


It was a nice experience. I tried my best and together with my group I passed all the tests. Nevertheless, it made me realize how difficult my future job can be and I should always be ready for all kinds of challenges.

Alicia Nguyen is a Communication Student at Arnhem Business School.