Means of transportation
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Means of transportation

When Alicia came to the Netherlands she was most impressed by the modern transportation the country provided.

Motorbikes and motorbikes…

If you come to my country, the means of transportation you see the most in the streets are motorbikes. We use them to go to school, to work, anywhere. The price for one motorcycle is not that high at all. However, we have to wear helmets when we ride the motorbikes, which is so annoying.
Talking about public transportation, we do have buses but they are not that satisfying. You only need to pay 25 cent for the ride, but the disadvantages are the unfixed time for the bus to come and if you travel with it during rush hour, believe me you will go crazy for sure. Many people will join the bus and you will not even have space to breathe.

Therefore the taxi seems to be the most reasonable means of transportation, especially for visitors. The taxi is quite cheap in Vietnam, depending on your destination. Overall it is cheap and fast. We do not have a subway, but we do have trains to go to other cities in Vietnam. By the end of 2017, a new sky train track will be opened in Hanoi in order to reduce the city’s traffic congestion. Cars can be seen in Vietnam too, but not that many, comparing to motorbikes.

In the Netherlands – Public transport and bikes are leading

Buses and Train systems in the Netherlands are very well developed. Besides, instead of buying tickets for public transport, you can use an OV-chipkaart, which is way more convenient. Despite the fact that many Dutch people complain about the buses or the trains being delayed, I find them at least organized. Therefore, people can easily plan their journey based on the schedule.

And obviously, Dutch people also cycle a lot. Don’t get me wrong, cycling is a good way of exercising. However, I would rather use public transportation or walk instead of using a bike, as I have such a feeble stamina. There is no subway in Arnhem, but in Amsterdam and Rotterdam they do have it, as well as the tram- located mostly in big cities. I rarely see people using motorcycles here, but they do have cars, a lot.

I do love the very modern, easy-to-use types of transportation in the Netherlands, and I do enjoy riding motorcycles in Vietnam. That basically makes each country different, and that’s how I like to get to know every culture in the world, as it is truly amazing.