Salsa at the HAN
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Salsa at the HAN

What would be more awesome than having a Salsa workshop right at the HAN?


“HANBruist”, the people who organize all kinds of nice and fun things for HAN students, (FOR FREE!!!) set up a two-hour Salsa dancing workshop on a Tuesday at the auditorium from R26 Building. Being so interested in Spanish and Latin American culture, I decided to join this lesson. Also because I haven’t tried Salsa before.

I went there by myself, but luckily I found some familiar faces during the session. They were my classmates and students from other departments at the HAN. The instructor was actually Isabel, who is currently working at the HAN International Placement. She explained us about Salsa, because there are literally many types of Salsa. What she taught us was considered as Salsa Cubana, a traditional form of Latin American dance. There were quite a lot of people coming, around 20, if I remember correctly.

We were taught basic steps at first, such as how to move forward, backward, to the left and to the right, with the help of the arm and the hip. After getting used to those essential movements, we formed couples. Although I was really shy, all of the participants were really nice and friendly, bringing such a comfortable atmosphere when dancing.

Things started getting more complicated when Isabel asked us to stand in a circle, and dancing and changing the partner to the one on the left every time she said “Darme”- means “Give me”. It was very funny as we did not fully understand what she meant. She even gave another signal “Darme dos” – means “Give me twice”, which means we had to skip the one next to us and go to the one after that to dance with him/her. The level of the dance was increasingly difficult as men needed to touch the women’s head when Isabel shouted “Toca la cabeza”, and a few more other actions but I could not remember exactly. After two hours of dancing we went to HANgar bar and enjoyed Tapas,  a Spanish cuisine. The food was incredibly delicious, and the music there was nice as well, with all famous Spanish songs nowadays.

I had such wonderful moments with my friends and I felt so lucky for having a chance to try Salsa, without paying anything. Thanks so much HANBruist, for bringing such a cool event to the HAN students.

Alicia Nguyen is a Communication Student at Arnhem Business School.