Scheveningen by the sea
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Scheveningen by the sea

After two years Alicia finally went to Scheveningen, especially to feel the sand between her toes, and the water, which was really cold

Just before I went back to Vietnam I got a chance to see Scheveningen Beach in Den Haag. I heard lots of things about this beach. Some said it was boring and ugly, but there are still positive reviews about this wonderful destination. I actually love it, even though it is not as beautiful as those beaches in my country, haha.

I did not plan to go there at first due to the fact that the weather forecast predicted some bad weather for the whole week. Fortunately, when I was about to go there, it turned out to be sunny and warm. I was really happy because finally, after living for two years in The Netherlands, I could see and feel the beach. The journey to Scheveningen was quite simple: I just took tram number 1 from Den Haag central station and waited till the last stop. The only missing factor there was a mountain. Normally, if you go to the beach in Vietnam, you will see a huge mountain. On the other hand, there was a big ferris wheel in Scheveningen. And a shopping mall, that was located above the beach.

It gave me a cozy feeling when I walked to the mall. There were many restaurants and local bars there. After that, I could not wait anymore: I took off my shoes and walked into the beach to feel the water. Damn, the water was super cold! Honestly. But after a while, I felt much better. I was surprised to see some people actually swimming. I mean, it was 18 degrees and windy. How can they be so brave and go for a swim in that kind of weather? I really admire them.

After enjoying the beach and chilling at a nearby restaurant with a slice of my favourite Dutch apple pie, I was thinking of saying goodbye to this beautiful place and going back to Arnhem. However, I found an arcade, which had my favourite dancing games in Scheveningen. YESSSS! Of course I ran straight there and played the games for almost an hour. Unfortunately, because it took me 2 hours to travel from Arnhem to Den Haag, I had to go back home quite early.

It was really sad to leave Scheveningen. I love the place so much and I will definitely go there again if I have another opportunity.

Alicia Nguyen is a second year Communication Student at Arnhem Business School.