Time to move out
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Time to move out

Alicia has finished her second year. Now it's time to move out. She is going to study in Spain for a year!

After my exams, I planned on doing many other important things such as hanging out with my friends or visiting other cities in the Netherlands. However, things never happen as you wish. I have to face reality: IT IS TIME TO MOVE OUT.

Last year I stayed in a student house from school. But they only offered the room for one year, which meant I had to find another place during my second year. The searching process was a struggle. But that is nothing compared to the problems I am facing with moving all my furniture and stuff to my new house. How can you expect a skinny girl like me to carry all those heavy boxes out of the house, and bring them ON FOOT to my new house, between two and three kilometres away?

If you have a friend who owns a car, you are the luckiest person in the world. Otherwise, either you have to bring everything yourself or beg your friends to help out.

Time passes so fast. I finished my second year at school already. I am going for my exchange study to Spain this September, so it is no longer necessary for me to stay in Arnhem anymore. That meant I had to ask a few of my friends to let me store my property for one year in their place. However most of them do not stay in Arnhem. I don’t know how I will get my heavy stuff to my friends’ places. Luckily, I have a Dutch boyfriend who is 1m94 tall. He always thinks of himself as a beast. So he will help me out.

With situations like these I have to say: college life, especially for international students, is very challenging. Besides school you have to manage your life. You have to manage things like moving out and moving in.

However, all those experiences will definitely make you stronger, and of course, more independent.

Alicia Nguyen is a second year Communication Student at Arnhem Business School.